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Building your dream home or do you need Plumbing work done for your existing home?

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Building your dream home or do you need Plumbing work done for your existing home?

Don’t forget about the plumbing!

When building a new home, especially your dream home, plumbing can be overlooked. Many people want it done the cheapest way possible without questioning if the system itself matters.

The kind of plumbing system and the way it’s installed matters. It is one of the most important areas of a home or business. Plumbing work needs to be done correctly, to code, and work performed with the highest craftsmanship. It is not an area one should overlook or find the “cheapest” plumber around.

When something goes wrong in your plumbing system, it can cost a lot of money and cause a lot of damage. Make sure it’s done right. Get real plumbers that are licensed and do good work versus going with the lowest bid. Big Birge Plumbing gets calls every day from new homeowners who are out of their year warranty and have issues that wouldn’t be there if the job was done right and to the Omaha code, to begin with.

“We take on remodels for residential homes and commercial construction,” Lallenia Birge informed us. “For a new construction project, our project managers reviews the blueprints and plans with other contractors involved.” Lallenia keeps up with recent trends in home remodeling for families and seniors considering a new home or a remodel. “Because of the Americans with Disabilities Act, taller toilets have become more standard. For people who are aging or empty nesters who plan to remain in their home until their older age. The taller models are better for safety, comfort, and accessibility.”

Examples of new options for homeowners to consider, Lallenia points out, a lot of new bathroom and kitchen fixtures can save money and prevent accidental damage to a home: “There are also innovations which reduce water waste for families who want to be less wasteful with resources. Faucets that turn off automatically in case you forget to stop them could save you from flooding your bathroom or kitchen. Water heaters have also become much more reliable and efficient in the past decade.”

If you have questions about your plumbing Omaha home’s plumbing system feel free to give Big Birge Plumbing a call!

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