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Your pipes work hard every day, transporting water throughout your house to wherever you need it. This constant use naturally leads to wear and tear. Even the strongest pipes installed by the best plumber will not last forever, and pipes made of lesser-quality material will break down even sooner. Make sure your pipes are not actively rusting or decaying; let our highly qualified plumbers inspect them regularly. This can go a long way toward avoiding expensive water damage from unexpected bursts. When the time comes to replace your pipes, our team at Big Birge Plumbing can provide you with our expert skills and top-quality materials.

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How to Tell When to Replace Your Pipes

Eventually, any pipe will need to be replaced. Lifespan depends on the type of pipe and how much pressure it’s under, but you can expect 40-50+ years of use on average. Our expertly trained plumbers can monitor your pipes to determine if there is corrosion, mold growth, leaks, or rust. The sooner you notice any wear or potential weak spots, the better chance you have of avoiding serious issues.

You may need to replace your pipes if you have noticed the following signs:
  • Discoloration of exposed pipes
  • A significant increase in your water bill
  • Brown or yellow tint to the water
  • Strange or musty odor to the water
  • Low or decreased water pressure
  • Dirt or debris in the water
  • Dampness or wet spots near pipe connections

Providing Piping Services with Honesty & Integrity

No homeowner or business owner looks forward to hearing that they need to install new pipes or replace existing piping. At Big Birge Plumbing, we take pride in offering high-quality American craftsmanship and warm, respectful customer service to take some stress out of the situation—plus we offer the fairest prices around. See for yourself why Omaha Magazine readers have voted us Best Plumbing Services in Omaha four years in a row!

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