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Meet Omaha’s Plumbing Power Couple!

Meet Omaha’s Plumbing Power Couple- Big Birge Plumbing owners, Bradley, and Lallenia Birge! Find out what makes this Omaha Plumbing Company stand out!

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Get to Know Bradley

My name is Bradley Birge and I have over 20 years of plumbing experience but have been a working man in Omaha since the age of 14. I started in the construction industry working for a local company learning window, seamless steel gutter, and siding installation. I quickly worked my way up to foreman learning what it takes to manage my own jobs and a crew of men. After evaluating my future, I decided to launch my career in a trade profession.

Owner of Omaha Plumbing Company

Master Plumber, Brad Birge

I considered framing and carpentry companies, and the ironworkers local 21 before applying at multiple plumbing companies (not knowing exactly what I was getting into). A commercial/industrial plumbing company took a chance on me and enrolled me in the apprenticeship program. For the first month, I thought I had made the worst mistake of my life as I dug ditches in 100-degree weather with the foreman barking orders at me. However, in time, I started to get the hang of it and soaked up as much information as I could. During this time, I began to appreciate the beauty and art involved in plumbing and was hooked!

I have had the privilege of learning from some of the best plumbers today. They taught me plumbing theory, code, and tricks of the trade to make me efficient, professional, and knowledgeable. After years of hard work, I have earned the level of a journeyman plumber and was promoted to foreman by my last employer.

I decided it’s time to take another leap towards improving and investing in the future for my family and myself. I have now accomplished getting my Masters’s License and owning a plumbing company in Omaha Nebraska. I have a beautiful wife, an amazing son, and 4 precious daughters,  for whom I want to provide the absolute best. It is my wish to use the gifts with which the Lord has blessed me, as well as my education and experience to bring the best possible plumbing service to the Omaha Metro and surrounding areas using the best practices and skills I have acquired over the years.

Deep in my heart, I believe I was destined to serve you as Big Birge Plumbing and it is my honor and privilege to offer my customers the best service and fairest prices around.

Thank you for stopping by – Brad

Get to Know Lallenia


Hi! Unlike my husband, I do NOT have years of plumbing experience nor have I dug ditches in 100-degree weather. Honestly, I’m sure my husband has had to use our drain machine at our house more than most of his “regular” customers (pun intended). I did not realize you aren’t supposed to flush wax down the toilet or not put all the food scraps from your plate or grease into the garbage disposal (oops)!

My background is in the fitness industry! I have been involved in the fitness industry for over 17 years now. I LOVE working with people and helping them become stronger and healthier. Actually, when I first met Brad Birge, I was a personal trainer at the gym he worked out at and thought he was the most handsome guy ever. He must’ve had a crush on me too. =)

After we had our first child we decided to start Big Birge Plumbing. I did not realize everything that would go into this company and raising a little one. I had to reevaluate our situation and decided to back off full-time personal training and learn how to run and operate a business. I then found a love and passion for marketing and customer service which is where I spend a lot of my time in the business.

I love helping in every way possible to make our dreams of having the best plumbing company in Omaha and surrounding areas a reality. While I used to be full-time in the office now I am what the team has coined a “shadow boss” LOL– most of my energy is spent on being a wife, a homeschooling mother of five amazing kiddos, and occasionally teaching some fitness classes here and there around Elkhorn NE.

Thank you for choosing Big Birge Plumbing Company! – Lallenia

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