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Get to know the Plumbers & Crew at Big Birge Plumbing in Omaha

Our Omaha plumbers cannot be beaten! What really sets this Omaha plumbing company apart is the PASSION that our team brings! Big Birge Plumbing employs a crew full of highly trained, licensed, and dedicated plumbers and professionals to handle all your plumbing needs such as;

  • Needing a professional commercial plumbing crew to help with a small, medium, or large commercial building project or commercial remodeling project.
  • Are you a contractor or homeowner needing a reliable plumbing company that will be there when they say they will and do what is needed to get the job done?
  • Maybe you are an Omaha homeowner that would like a new water heater or for us to fix a leaking faucet.

 Whatever your needs are (that are plumbing related) we CAN do it!

Get to know our full crew that will be working on your projects by reading more below & if you’d like to learn more about our owners just click here.

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Dennis Herr

Dennis Herr

“Get er’ Done!” Passion, Charisma, and that 70’s hairstyle is our Dennis. Dennis has been a plumber for a very long time! In fact, he used to own his own plumbing company in South Dakota! He wanted to come back to Omaha to be around his kids and grandkids and we are so happy he joined the Big Birge Plumbing family in 2018! Dennis (aka Denny) is one of the most authentic, fun-loving guys around that has a knack for plumbing and people which is why he is one of our top-rated service plumbers for our Omaha and surrounding area customers.

He loves most anything plumbing-related and is extremely honest, in fact, he has been known to save our customers lots of money by teaching them how to solve issues on their own, of course under the right circumstances that would not go against Omaha’s plumbing code.

Cameron Wagner

Cameron Wagner

“Take me out to the Ball game, take me out to the crowd.” You may be able to find this guy there! Cameron joined our plumbing team in 2018 fresh out of college where he played baseball. We are excited to have his team-building attitude and locker room pranks here on the Big Birge Plumbing crew. He not only has the kind of muscle needed for some of the jobs we get into to but he also has the confidence and strategic thinking capability needed to get the jobs done.

When he isn’t pitching up some pipes on the plumbing field he can be found spending time with his girlfriend, at the gym, or playing ball with his niece and nephew.


John Schlumberger

John Schlumberger

When most people think of an accountant they probably wouldn’t think of John as one. He’s not your average accountant. He’s a whiz with numbers and anything that has to do with Excel files but is also an extremely talented master motorcycle mechanic… an accountant and a mechanic…. Crazy, right?

John is direct and honest. He is also extremely loyal and committed to doing the right thing. He helps bring organization and structure to our office that we didn’t even know we needed! And you may even get the chance to talk with him as he is helpful at grabbing the phones when needed if our dispatcher or owners are on the other line or unavailable. We were excited we snagged him to work in our office in 2019!

When John isn’t geeking out on numbers or motorcycles, he loves to enjoy a good pizza (preferably Sam & Louise’s) and hanging out with his son Jack. You can also find him out on the lake with his buddies when the weather permits.

James Mann

James Mann

This Journeyman Plumber is the Mann! He gets called this all the time and not just because it’s his last name! We really do think “he’s the Man” here at Big Birge Plumbing. His calming and kind demeanor can put any customer at ease that is going through a plumbing emergency. Not to mention he doesn’t bat an eye when he gets thrown a plumbing job that seems to be complicated, he takes it in by stride and figures out what needs to be done, and goes for it.

James started out in college getting a business degree…. After accomplishing that he decided to go to trade school instead and be a plumber. We are guessing it must do with his strong work ethic from the farm that was instilled in him growing up. The suit and tie life wasn’t as fulfilling as blue jeans and overalls. “Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” By Thomas Edison is his favorite quote after all. Big Birge Plumbing is lucky to have the opportunity to have James apart of our team.

When he’s not helping our customers, or changing up their plumbing in a bathroom or kitchen remodel, you will find him with his family out camping and going on lots of adventures together.

Adam Steinspring

Adam Steinspring

Meet Adam! When Adam is not busy working on plumbing projects with us and going to plumbing school… a few of his favorite things to do are eat sushi, save babies and hang with the ladies… saving babies we figured is from his weekend firefighting job…. hanging with the ladies…. well…. we don’t know if he’s talking about the plumbers he’s with all day or the firefighters on the weekends. 😉 

We absolutely LOVE having Adam on the team! He is as smart as a whip with a sense of humor and humbleness that’s hard to find in young men these days! His future is very bright!! He loves working on the residential side of plumbing and our customers love having him there. Thanks for being a part of the Big Birge Plumbing Team Adam!!! We can’t wait to see where this career takes you!

(Pictures & descriptions coming soon!)

Carson Brownfield


Tonya Runion

Joe Kepfeild

Andrew Pineda

Micheal Ludwick

Jonathon Pruch




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