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Most Commonly Asked Plumbing Questions

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Most Commonly Asked Plumbing Questions

There is a lot going on with your home’s plumbing system! Plumbers get asked a lot of questions day in and day out. We can answer and solve some of your questions over the phone or in the supermarket line…. however, we need to come to your Omaha home or business and check it out ourselves.

Below we are compiling a list of our most asked plumbing questions:

Why does my toilet keep running? The main reason is the handle is stuck which leaves the flapper open inside the toilet tank. If this happens, water will then continue to flow into the bowls causing continuous water running. Try tightening the handle on the toilet if loose or putting some oil on it if it’s stuck. If that doesn’t work give Big Birge Plumbing a call and we can figure out what’s going on and get your toilet working seamlessly again.

What can I put in my Garbage Disposal? This is one of the most popular reasons people call Big Birge Plumbing. To help them fix their garbage disposal or clean their kitchen sink drain. Many homeowners do not realize that garbage disposal is not made to “chop up or eat up” items. The only things that should go down the garbage disposal are; the remains of a plate or a cup that does not easily come off into the trash. Also, running COLD water when using your garbage disposal before you start it and for a few seconds after you turn it off is a great practice to start.

Is it safe to use Chemical Cleaners? To Be continued… 



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