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Do I need a Water Softener?

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Do I need a Water Softener?

Do I need a water softener?

 Why should you get a water softener in Omaha? 

You walk into the kitchen to prepare breakfast and can’t help but notice the stains left by mineral residue after the water has evaporated. The kids must have played with some powders you say to yourself and you proceed to give the kids a scolding. Next, you walk into the shower to sing with the splashing waters and the stains yet again, particles of magnesium and calcium cause dents in your tub. Now you begin to connect the dots, from your faded clothing to your skyrocketing water bill. You, my dear, might need a Water softener.

What is a Water Softener?

A Water Softener is a device that softens hard water by removing certain minerals. A water softener eliminates extra calcium and magnesium ions with the help of potassium and sodium ions which act as mediums of exchange. The water softener flushes the cycle of excess ions until the sodium ions are being fused into the water.

Why Should I care if I have hard water?

Dry Air and Skin

Firstly, no one likes having flaky skin or hair for that matter, and please spare the soap and shampoo manufacturers for a bit. They can only do so much. Hard water fails to nourish your skin, evaporating while leaving residue on your skin which irritates it. Hard water does not like your skin whereas soft water does.

New clothes are faded in no time

Remember that shirt you wore only twice last month, well it’s faded, and please don’t blame it on the clothing company. The extra mineral content in your water not only makes your laundry a pain, it also kills your fabric with time. This is especially a problem if you live around areas such as Omaha or Elkhorn Nebraska which are notorious for their hard water and all its associated issues, the most notable being plumbing issues.

Hard water is hard on your plumbing system

85% of people in North America live in a hard water area

Remember Chemistry class back at high school? Hard water and steel pipes are terrible enemies, think the Targaryens and Lannisters. Thanks to hard water, your steel pipes now have chunks of mineral deposits everywhere especially in the joints, restricting the efficiency of your pipes. As a direct result, even more, the residue will build causing valves to get stuck in an open position which ultimately leads to leakages thus needing to call one of the plumbers here at Big Birge Plumbing.

Benefits of water softener

  1. It softens your water! No more deposits on bathtubs, and sinks.
  2. It softens your water! No more blame games on brands for your faded favorite shirts.
  3. It softens your water! No need to call a plumber.
  4. It softens your water! Your skin feels and looks nourished.

It must be stated on a more serious note that several epidemiological investigations have established the relationship between risk for cardiovascular disease, growth retardation, reproductive failure, among many other health challenges and hardness of drinking water or its content of magnesium and calcium. As a direct result, invest in a water softener so as to ensure a clean bill of health in your household.

What happens if I can’t get a water softener

In a few scenarios where there may be difficulty acquiring a water softener. For example, if you reside within rural settlements, a water filter system may be an excellent substitute for a water softener given the conditions.

Hard Water is hard on you!! … Be smart, go soft. 😊

Here at Big Birge Plumbing in Elkhorn NE we LOVE to use Northstar Water Softners.

Northstar Water Softner

Why Northstar and not one from a big box store? Because Northstar has always been dedicated to the professionals.

They’re committed to working with expert trades which is why North Star water treatment products are sold exclusively through professional contractors. You won’t find our brand at big box stores or water treatment dealerships. Their warranty is great and the products are even better. We only like to work with quality products for our customers as we know keeping your family and your home is your top priority & investment and we won’t allow anything less for our valued customers.

If you have any questions or concerns about a water softener we’d love to help you! Please call Omaha’s Favorite Plumbing Company at 402-575-0102.


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