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What does PVC Stand for??

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What does PVC Stand for??

What does PVC stand for?

Scientists call PVC piping PolyVinyl Chloride…

Polyvinyl chloride is produced by polymerization of the vinyl chloride monomer (VCM). 

The Omaha Big Birge Plumbers use PVC piping for sanitary sewer piping in our residential & service department unless the homes require cast iron or copper piping. Usually Depends on the age of the home or the owners’ preferences. We can get into more of those details in another post.

Personally, we think PVC should stand for Pretty Versatile Component! Even though it is generally looked at as something for plumbers to work with… there are SOOO MANY ways to use it for FUN!

We found some fun activities for our friends around Omaha, that can use these pipes for entertainment & FUN!

Check out these different activities by clicking on the picture and it will take you to the website with the directions!

We personally go through our own plumbing supply houses for the ones we need when we service your home or business but you can find PVC at any home department box store such as Lowes, Home Depot, or Menards if you’d like to give one of these activities a shot!

Here are a few of our favorite ones we found!!!

  1. Lights … Cameras … Insect Repellent? How To Build Your Own Outdoor Movie Theater PVC pipe movie theater
  2. Use PVC pipe to make a kid wash! How to use PVC pipe to make a sprinkler. PVC pipe sprinkler
  3. Use PVC pipe to make a sand and water table for kids! How to make PVC Pipe Sand & Water Table.  PVC pipe sand table
  4. 3,2,1 BLAST OFF!!! Check out this DIY Shuttle Launcher made with PVC Pipe! PVC pipe shuttle launcher
  5. If those don’t interest you… maybe the ones in this link will. There’s everything from a wine rack, to a desk organizer, even a power tool holder & a bath towel dryer (PLUS 16 others you may find helpful!) all made from this magical invention that most think is just for their Omaha plumbers!  20 ways to get organized with PVC pipe Keep in mind, while these ideas are fun, easy, and inexpensive… make sure to keep yourself safe while working with any types of tools and always keep an eye on your kids!

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