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3 TOP Garbage Disposal Tips from Your Omaha Plumbers Wife!

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3 TOP Garbage Disposal Tips from Your Omaha Plumbers Wife!

Three garbage disposal tips

With Thanksgiving quickly approaching followed by the Christmas Season it means many of us will be in our kitchens cooking a lot of delicious meals and more than likely putting our garbage disposals in high demand. The weekend after Thanksgiving & day after Christmas garbage disposal calls are one of the TOP service calls Big Birge Plumbing gets here in Omaha Metro area.

I’ve complied a list of the 3 TOP questions AND answers we get to help prevent your home from being one of those service calls this year! (Yay!)

1. Do Lemons REALLY help your garbage disposal?

Lemons down garbage disposal

Lemons…. ahhhh they smell so refreshing & clean! It would make sense to run the rind through the garbage disposal to get that icky smell out of there and maybe to clean it right??… actually no. (it’s ok! I used to think/do this too!) While this myth to stuff lemon grinds down your garbage disposal sounds like a good idea… it’s not. Lemons WILL make it smell better but the garbage disposal isn’t made to handle this type of grinding and over time and cause more harm than good. Here are safer and more effective tips from your Omaha Plumbers to clean and disinfect the garbage disposal properly:

  1. To be safe disconnect the disposal from its power source first.
  2. Use a cleaning solution of mild (lemon-scented) soap and warm water in a spray bottle. (or with this Cleaner)
  3. Spray the solution into the disposal
  4. Give it a few minutes to work its magic
  5. Use a cleaning brush to scrub the disposal itself & pull out any unwanted debris
  6. Rinse it down the drain
  7. Enjoy a refreshing smell
  8. OH! and don’t forget to connect the disposal back to its power source!

Instant Power 1501 Disposal and Drain Cleaner Mr. Scrappy Universal Garbage Disposal Brush

2. Does Running Water while using Garbage Disposal REALLY help?

Many homeowners believe that they can put pretty much ANYTHING down their beloved garbage disposals as long as the water is running. (Ok I am GUILTY on thinking this as well before i married a plumber….) However, the truth is that some (most) things do NOT belong in garbage disposal even while running water or not. Tough or thick food items, such as orange peels, eggshells, or bacon scraps can actually damage your disposal. If this happens it can be an expensive repair or turn into a nasty drain clean. The rule of thumb from Big Birge is when in doubt throw it in the trash or a compost pile. Anything leftover on your dish that can’t be wiped off CAN be rinsed down the disposal with cold water.

But if you feel like you REALLY HAVE to use the garbage disposal then make sure it’s REALLY small pieces and run cold water with it. If running hot water while running the disposal the debris can get sticky and stuck in the drain so it is safer to run cold water so it is hardened and runs all the way through the piping without getting stuck.

3. If things are running down my drain, it isn’t getting clogged right?

Well…. yes and no. If things are running down your drain and garbage disposal smoothly, more than likely you’re A-OK! However, be wary of a slow-moving drain. If the water is taking a long time to drain it is best to stop using that drain as soon as possible as this is an early warning sign of an impending problem with your drains. If this happens we HIGHLY recommend giving your plumber a call to help get it unclogged before it becomes a bigger problem!

We hope this post helps keep your kitchen sink (and wallet) safe, problem-free & smelling clean this holiday season! Remember we are only a phone call or email away if you have any questions or a problem arises!

Yours Truly,

The Plumbers Wife

A Plumbers Wife Big Birge Plumbing


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